Who we are:
Grassroots Arts is an AI media research company led by the Directors Carmen Mac Williams and Tilman Veltjens. They are collaborating with a pool of artists, designers, producers and researchers. Currently Grassroots Arts is organizing and moderating the AI4EU Web Cafe.
Our Assets:
Visions, know-how, networking and experience, grown for 20 years in academic and industry driven research and development projects such as the European ICT research projects CAROUSEL, AI4EU, AI4MEDIA, HELIOS, FI-NEXT, FI-C3, FI-CONTENT 2, FI-CONTENT 1, FI-CORE, LIVE, Citizen Media, MECiTV, and the German national research project G.A.M.E. Currently Grassroots Arts is the Project Manager of CAROUSEL and is Research Partner in following European Research Projects: AI4EU, Helios and AI4Media.
We offer to our Clients:
Creative concepts, strategies, content and contacts
Our Services:
AI Communication Experts such as Researchers, Developers, Trainers, Coaches and Explainers
Hyper Social Media Communication Experts
User Test Scenarios
Networking with the creative industries
Research and Business Partner Networking
Project Management and Coordination
User centred design

Here is link for the recordings of the past AI-Cafes
trenner contact
trenner imprint
trenner test